Business Services


Just like when building a house, your business needs a blueprint to ensure it not only survives, but thrives. Many brilliant ideas that could have changed the world, never saw the light of day, due to poor or no planning. Don’t become part of the statistics.

Business Planning Process Services

A cradle to grave solution. Taking the entrepreneur or business owner from idea to developing a business plan tailored to their needs, complete with financial projections and market research, right through to implementation and business startup.

Governance and Compliance Services

Make sure that the world knows you are a professional and serious about your business. Getting the necessary structures and requirements in place to reflect that thinking are crucial. Many key players in your industry or niche will never even consider doing business if they see these required items are not in place.

Legal Services

Most entrepreneurs are not lawyers or legal professionals and this aspect of your business needs an experienced, qualified team or individual to ensure you do not run afoul of the law. Make sure your business complies with all the necessary legal requirements.

Human Resources Management Services

Dealing with people is one of the least loved aspects of running a business. Most entrepreneurs will tell you that this also takes up the most amount of their time. As employees are vital to the running of your business, ensure that you get subject matter experts on board to assist you in dealing with all these crucial concerns.

Marketing and Branding Services

Marketing and Branding allows your business to be found by your potential customers. First you build your brand and then you get the message to your audience via marketing. Branding is the engine and marketing becomes the fuel. It’s about becoming recognizable and your audience identifying with your message.

Business Funding

Many entrepreneurs never get their businesses started as they say they need money and don’t know where to find it. There are many ways to obtain funding for your business or business idea and the team at EARN BIZ Support is very knowledgeable in showing you exactly what’s possible  and how to find what you need.

Financial Accounting Services

Knowing your numbers in your business makes the difference between success and failure. Most entrepreneurs run a business to make money, but managing their money is very low on the list of their skills or priorities. Instead of hoping it will just sort itself out, bring the highly qualified team from EARN BIZ Support on board to get on top of this vital part of your business.