Business Journey


Starting a business can be one of the most exciting things that an entrepreneur can experience, but as things move forward and the business grows, it presents its own challenges.

Things change, more knowledge is needed in order for the business to reach the goals that have been set. The entrepreneur needs to change and grow with the business otherwise the business will outgrow the creator.

Once you have reached that stage in the business, you need the knowledge, support and guidance from others that have walked the road before you and succeeded.

This is a journey and you need to plan for every step, situation or eventuality in order to reach your destination. Making sure you know where to go and whom to speak to is just one part of that planning. Don’t leave anything to chance and make sure you know exactly when you are going to reach your destination safely and successfully.

Growing Entrepreneurs Programme

EARN BIZ Support has pioneered a unique approach to growing small enterprises. Our secret lies in combining intensive personal development with professional business model design and support. This two-pronged approach grows entrepreneurs, who in turn grow their businesses, and has a proven track record of successful implementation.

Business Model Canvas program

One full day interactive workshop with 20% theory and 80% practice. This workshop will provide you with an overview of your business, an assessment of its health as well as approaches to create an aligned and coherent organisation on the way to become successful in its market.

Lean Business Model Discovery

This is series of 6 workshops (one per week) which will guide you through the refinement of your business model to create a business which: (1) customers love, (2) you can build yourself and/or through the help of others, and (3) makes the profit you desire.

The workshops are based on the international Lean Startup / Lean Launchpad movement, where its success has been proven numerous times all over the world. After the workshop, you should have a good idea of what it takes to create this business and have a solid foundation to achieve it.

Enterprise Workshops

These workshops combined with on-site visits differentiates this program from most other entrepreneurial business improvement programs. Coupled to this is the provision of 360-degree business support services to entrepreneurs.

Coaching and Mentoring

EARN BIZ Support has been set up with one single purpose— to transform Businesses into communities, where people find their work enriching in every manner.  This is achieved through effective mentoring and coaching and training of the already skilled human asset. The aim is to ensure that the mentors support and assist you to shorten the learning curve and run a successful business.

Business Advisory Service

Business Advisory services are provided by a team of entrepreneurial and small business experts with years of experience in launching and starting profitable and sustainable businesses. Each of our team members has the innate ability to hone in on your start-up’s most critical issues, providing strategies and techniques guaranteed to put you on the right track to success

Business Skills Training

We provide comprehensive practical business skills training in order to equip you with the necessary skills, with a holistic approach to meeting your human capital development needs in order to make a significant impact on business performance.