About Us

The Background

EARN BIZ Support is a division within Enterprising Regional Africa Network (Pty) Ltd (EARN), that focuses on developing and growing African entrepreneurs for the greater good of the African continent and its communities.

As a serial entrepreneur himself, Joshua C. Ngoma, Founder of EARN, understands fundamentally the challenges that entrepreneurs face on a daily basis. This understanding birthed EARN BIZ Support in 2014 and its only grown from there. Taking the weight and responsibility of the day-to-day running of a business off the shoulders of entrepreneurs, allows them to focus on what they do best, without trying to handle everything themselves.

EARN BIZ Support strives to be part of the economic solution in Africa by providing focused business services and support to micro, small and medium businesses. These include products that will help entrepreneurs to grow successful and sustainable businesses that will unlock some of the bottlenecks, relieve unemployment and bring new life into the economy. Through the provision of our price, competitive solutions and products, our aim is to become the service provider of choice and your partner in success.

We provide solutions

The team at EARN BIZ Support fully understands that time is one of the most valuable assets an entrepreneur has and that more productive time usage means increased profit and a better utilization of resources.

In an effort to address this challenge EARN BIZ Support  has brought everything that an entrepreneur needs to be successful under one roof. EARN BIZ Support  has developed a complete suite of systems, models, products and services that are designed for the effective growth and success of micro, small and medium businesses, tailored to each business, at an affordable investment.

In addition, further development and growth programmes are also offered to allow the business owners to continue on their entrepreneurial journey past the initial start-up phase.

A 360° solution

EARN BIZ Support  believes in providing a 360° solution, where all facets of the entrepreneurial journey are addressed , from inception to sustainability.

It’s about providing startups and growing businesses access to the best experts in their fields to facilitate learning, growth and experiential knowledge resulting in greater productivity and long term profitability.